AfricanFeminism (AF) is a pan-African feminists digital platform and collaborative writing project between African  authors/writers  with the long-term ambition of bringing on board at least one feminist voice from each country on the continent. As an online feminist platform, we encourage open discussion and dialogue on feminist issues throughout the continent.  We are about  inquiry, questioning,  dialoguing  and transforming mind-sets through such processes.  We are not afraid to claim the word ‘Feminism’ and invite open conversations  to better understand this  paradigm  through our own and others’ lived experiences.

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On January 1, 2011  our founder Billene Seyoum started the blog site ethiopianfeminist three months after moving back to Addis Ababa. She initially aimed to document her observations on issues of gender equality and inequality through a feminist lens as she went about her daily life in Addis. A few months later,  Aberash  Hailay’s case, the Ethiopian Airlines flight attendant whose ex-husband stabbed both her eyes with a knife, shook the city and this platform became a source of information about the campaign.  “Ahun  be  Ayne  Meta,” created by concerned citizens in collaboration with the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Association. As a member of the core campaign team, Billene closely followed the case as it unfolded and through providing first-hand account of the case, the site grew in creating dialogue on issues of gender-based violence and violence against women in Ethiopia. Back then, this site was also the only feminist voice coming out of Ethiopia and it had the intention of inspiring others female voices to emerge in the blogosphere.

In 2012, Billene working with several African feminist writers transformed the site to This decision emanated the need to understand similar issues on the continent and engage with other African feminists. It was also a response to the lack of Ethiopian voices on continental issues.

For a long time the platform carried articles that were heavily focused on experiences within Ethiopia but with a site called  AfricanFeminism, sharing only an Ethiopian paradigm would not suffice. Hence, the growth to a collaborative site comprising feminists from throughout the continent. AfricanFeminism now has over 20 writers who collaborate consistently and some guest feminist writers.

In 2018, a new curator and Editor Ugandan writer and human rights defender, Rosebell Kagumire took over the curation and editorial leadership of the platform. The platform exists for all African feminists in their plurality to reflect the personal journeys and social movements of our time.

To our visitors, we invite you to freely engage in the discussions and offer insights to foster knowledge, understanding, and creativity.

Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression.” ~ bell hooks

Feminism is not simply about gender and not simply about women. It’s about identifying the connections between race and gender and capitalism and sexuality and imperialism.  I believe ‘feminism’ is not ‘the fight for women’s rights’ but rather “the politics and practice of liberation from all oppression resulting from, connected to or reinforced by sexism.”~ Angela Davis

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people” ~ Rebecca West


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