Zambia: Thou shall not Shame…the Church but How about #ChurchMeToo?

Zambian artist Ludo Freshe took to twitter and opened up about a sexual assault encounter that involved a man of God. She has previously, as a firm advocate for women’s rights and well-being, spoken about this assault but has now put a name to her story.

Feminism as healing.

“Feminism is also rooted in healing, in laughter, in smiles, in love, in sisterhood.” – Muthoni Ngige. I had the privilege of attending the Young Kenyan Feminists Convening that took place a couple of weeks ago with about 40 other participants. Feminists from different theories, backgrounds and classes from different regions in Kenya attended. It was an opportunity for me to interact with other women and learn how they are pushing the feminist agenda in their different capacities. It was also a refreshing course on the dire need for intersectionality in our feminisms.