Poised and Precise – Follow-up to Aberash Hailay's case

Due to personal constraints i have not been able to attend the last three hearings as much as i had wanted to, yet i have tried to keep in tune with the proceedings of Aberash’s case. Sadly, i was also unable to attend the most important hearing of November 14, which was the testimony of Aberash herself followed by a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel.
Sources say that Aberash was calm, poised and precise in her testimony which told the tale of how the September night unfolded. Aberash testified that the accused came to her apartment and upon seeing a photograph of her mother and brother, inquired as to why his photo was not up there among them to which she responded as to why she should put it up there. The accused is said to have turned his back to Aberash and proclaimed he had a gift for her at which point he drew his gun out and began to fake aim all around until he hit her with the butt of the gun in several places and proceeded with physical assault leading to the last horrendous act at which point she began to loose consciousness and does not remember the events thereafter.
Further to her testimony, it is said that the hearing was adjourned until Hidar 12 with ruling that enough evidence was presented against the accused. The  defense  is now supposed to bring in a witness to refute Aberash’s testimony. They requested to bring in Aberash as a witness, but it is not clear if she is required to be present as his witness.
Aberash will be continuing her treatment abroad. I commend her for her strength which many have attested to and i wish her great vibes and energy as the trial continues.
For those interested in following up, the next hearing is scheduled for Hidar 12 (November 22) at  Lideta Federal High court
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