Spirit Unshackled

My eyes are mine
I can close them and in their silence
bear witness to all that will become divine
In between eyelash flutters
Form the twinkle of desires
Embraced in the enclosure of tears
That holds all my aspirations
Though their stroll down my cheeks and into nothingness
Is not an indication of defeat nor a manifestation of fears.

My dreams are not under your jurisdiction
The shades and shapes that come alive when I close my eyes
You do not have a say in what color I can dream
The imagery I can subconsciously create is not for your restriction
Nor for your deliberation of its appropriateness
My dreams have freedom to flow down their own stream.

My story is not riddled with shame
The seeds I planted in dreams
Will blossom and survive the blame
You put upon me for having a thought, an idea, a vision
That one day we can cross these lines of taboos
That someday we can walk over these bridges of mistrust
That there will come a day when we can emancipate ourselves
From the self imposed ban
To converse
To dialogue
To talk
And through this process
Understand that having a vision is not of harm
That sharing a dream that the violence stop is not cause for alarm
My experience is not an emblem of regret
For I have none
For I have won
For while you patronized me, moralized me, took a jab at me
My spirit remains unshackled!

~ ~
Love & Light

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  1. What words, what a statement.
    Bile, you inspire me.
    Very timely and powerful.
    I didn’t know I was a femenist myself till the past week. You are a great counterpart and an inspired writer. Keep singing the song.

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