A Feminist Letter to the Future!

Dear Beloved Heirs of a Flourishing Future,

With hearts brimming, we inscribe this letter to celebrate a world born from a Feminist Climate Justice—a living reality in your time, not mere imagination. Close your eyes, dear ones, and let these words paint a vivid portrait of the world you shall inherit, a world nurtured by our unwavering feminist commitment.

Dear ones.

Capitalism and Colonialism Overthrown: We rejoice, for capitalism and colonialism are consigned to history’s registers. Governments from the global majority countries are no longer entrapped by colonial masters, nor are communities held captive by poverty’s grip. Redistributive justice guides our path. Resources are shared equitably, nurturing collective strength. In this world, wealth and opportunities are not concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. Instead, resources are distributed fairly, ensuring that every individual and community has the possibility to thrive. It’s a world where equity is the cornerstone of society, where no one is left behind. Economies are no longer shaped by the greed of a few, and nations stand on equal footing, free from the shadows of their colonial past.

Joyful Embrace of Degrowth: Communities relish sufficiency over excess. Possessions no longer gauge worth, but the richness of relationships, creativity, and the joy of living well. In this world, consumerism has given way to contentment, and the ceaseless pursuit of ‘more’ has transformed into a celebration of ‘enough.’ People cherish the beauty of simplicity, experience the joy of leisure and find fulfilment in the richness of life beyond material accumulation.

People Power Unleashed: Power no longer resides with the elite, white, old, men. Communities, nations, and individuals have reclaimed their voices and their rights. The once-dominant corporations have been pushed out, giving way for a more equitable power distribution. Women, Youth and Indigenous voices are celebrated. People have a say in shaping their destinies.

The Beauty of Community: The rise of individualism has fallen once more and society values the power of community. People live together, know their neighbors and care for their relatives. Children have the freedom to play together in the streets as their elders congregate. Society no longer values long working hours away from family. Instead, people have the means to live a simpler life among those they care for most.

Disasters Ceased: We now reside in a world without floods, storms, heatwaves, or fire. Lives remain unharmed, our right to a secure existence assured, livelihoods sustainably restored, and we stand liberated from the fear of damaged healthcare, schools, roads, or homes. This transformation bears a distinctly feminist resonance, woven through with unity, compassion, and a resolute commitment to safeguarding every life,

Renewable Energy’s Radiance: Fossil fuels are relics of the past. Wind and sun provide our energy, pure, sustainable, and accessible. Earth and spirit thrive under their gentle care. A shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources has breathed life into a planet once choked by pollution.

In this world, energy is abundant, clean, and available to all, offering a harmonious coexistence with the Earth.

Investment Shift for Earth’s Sake: The clamor of war is replaced by nature’s harmonious song. Governments now invest in safeguarding Earth, channelling resources away from destruction. Military budgets have been reallocated to preserve the environment and protect its rich biodiversity. It’s a world where the Earth’s beauty and vitality are treasured, where the roar of guns is replaced by the rustling of leaves and the songs of birds.

Dignity Flourishes: Workers are dignified contributors to a better world, no longer exploited. Gendered work stereotypes have crumbled, replaced by workplace safety and equal rewards. Labor is no longer a means of exploitation but a source of pride and fulfilment. Gender no longer determines one’s role in the workforce, and every worker is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

The Horizon Is Genderless: Green jobs transcend stereotypes, offering limitless opportunities. Robust education and skill-building programs empower women and youth to lead in low-carbon economies. Gender is no longer a barrier to opportunity, and green jobs are accessible to all. Education and skill-building programs have prepared women and youth to thrive in economies that prioritize sustainability and harmony with nature.

Love and Care Kindles the World: Women, society’s pillars, are recognized and rewarded. Vital social institutions—healthcare, childcare, education, and social protection—thrive, fortifying the foundation of your world. The burden of unpaid care work has been lifted, and women are valued for their invaluable contributions to society. Investments in essential social services have created a world where everyone has access to healthcare, education, and support, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Loving  Mother Earth: People, communities and nations have connected or reconnected with Mother Earth. We respect and are in awe of her beauty and her power to provide for us. Biodiversity thrives in this world. Animals roam without fear of extinction, insect numbers increase, and seeds and plants once thought lost to the annals of history bloom once more.

Our food is grown sustainably, consumed mindfully and distributed equally. Both Earth and society flourish in this world of reverence and appreciation for nature,

Thriving wellbeing: As society transitions, humankind flourishes. Physical health improves. Communities breathe clean air and lung disease levels have fallen. More varied and biodiverse diets have led to a decrease in heart disease, strokes, and cancers. A sense of community and fulfilment has meant that anxiety, depression and chronic stress have become concepts from a past life. Equal access to service and healthcare has led to better outcomes, and throughout the world, people have come to expect to live long, healthy and happy lives.

Dearest heirs, this world is not a mere fantasy; it is your inheritance, a world where love and justice reign supreme, where community eclipses corporation, where sufficiency is celebrated over excess, where renewable energy illuminates your path, and where your investments bear witness to your unwavering commitment to Earth.

As you read these words, let your hearts be filled with the knowledge that this world, your world, has evolved from our relentless dedication. The dreams of today have transformed into the vibrant tapestry of your tomorrow.

With boundless love and the joy of fulfillment,

Mishy and Sinead 

Mwanahamisi Singano is a Pan-African Feminist, an aspiring writer and passionate advocate of justice currently working as a Senior Global Policy Lead at Women’s Environment and Development Organization, (WEDO) 

Sinéad Magner is a feminist, activist and trainer. Currently working as a Leadership & Learning Associate with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization  (WEDO). She is based in Ireland.

Mwanahamisi Singano

Mwanahamisi Salimu Singano is seasoned development expert with extensive experience in the socio-economic programming, policy advocacy and development campaigns


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