Ethiopia's First Female Deputy PM

Who:  Aster Mamo – executive committee member and recently elected Deputy Chairwoman of the Oromia People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO). OPDO is one of the four parties that comprise the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). She has also been serving as adviser to the PM and government chief whip.
What:  After the passing of the late Alemayehu Atomsa, Muktar Kedir became the Chairperson for the Oromia People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) transitioning from his role as Deputy-Prime Minister – Civil Service. Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn appoints Aster Mamo as the first female to reach these heights. She will now serve as  Civil Service Minister and Good Governance &  Reform Cluster Coordinator with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister.
Why’s this important: Where female political participation and leadership is still very low, Aster’s climb to higher echelons is symbolic of the space that is  emerging for more Ethiopian women to engage in public decision-making. According to the UNECA’s African Women’s Rights Observatory, women represent 27.8 percent of House of People’s Representatives  (152 parliamentarians) and 16.3% of the House of Federation  (22 women) in Ethiopia.
I wish her the best and that her contributions pave the path for gender parity in opportunities.
Love & Light

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  1. Very irrelevant. As you said its a symbolic move. The position that she has is “ceremonial” even PM Dessalegn has no real power if you know what I mean. We had queens before her in Ethiopia. We had women who were powerful, this woman just filled a space. Not for her merits but just because there is a space. We want real power for women.

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