In Solidarity with Uganda Women's Protest

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If you’re in Uganda on Saturday  June 30th 2018, join the One Million Women’s March calling for the end of kidnappings and killing of women that have occurred over the past three years. Most of the cases have remained unsolved. Over 42 women have been killed, raped and mutilated since May 2017 alone.

The march, which is being mobilized by the women’s protest working group, is demanding for concrete actions to be taken by the state to ensure women’s safety. They are also seeking assurance that justice will be delivered for the lives lost.

Men and Women of all walks of life are asked to join the march. If you’re not in Uganda, show solidarity by creating awareness about the march through #WomensMarchUg. The official twitter is  @WomensProtestUg and you can follow the women’s protest working group page on facebook at @wpwg2018.

The organizers are also selling t-shirt for  10,000 ugx to support the march. Any other items you would like to contribute is also welcome, i.e. water, first aid supplies, etc.

 *Update: Pls note that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) – of the Uganda Police Force has denied a permit for this march. Nevertheless, the Women’s Protest Working Group will be proceeding as they planned.

“Solidarity is based on the principle that we are willing to put ourselves at risk to protect each other.”


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