Namugga’s Story of Resilience Amidst Domestic Violence and Abandonment

Stories for Human Rights and Social Inclusion is a platform where human interest stories are told to raise awareness about social injustices that affect communities and expose human rights violations in Uganda. An initiative of Kweeta, which uses story telling as the major tool for advocacy.

Like the bigger percentage of her neighbors and friends in Matusa village, Kakoge, Luweero district, Eseri Namugga was abandoned by her husband of over twenty years and left to fend for her six children without any real source of income.

Namugga got married in 1997 and soon after had seven children. Unfortunately, one passed from seizures. A few months of bliss were followed by a turbulent marriage that involved physical and verbal abuse. Several years of neglect and torment later, he walked out on her for the last time, never to come back, leaving her to raise their six young children alone.

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