Nothing is more alive than the dreamer…


Not for cynics will visions
erase the colored dots they’ve drawn
through the line of possibilities
their doubt would like to have thrown
Not for cynics will dreams
forsake the multiple images that arise
in REM sleep cycles at night
to be transformed to action at sunrise
Not for cynics will hopes
dash their belief that
if you hope for it, you will believe it
if you believe it, you will realize the
hopes you planted in silent prayers
in squiggly letters next to your bed post
in the undeclared hope laden breaths you take
dampened by the cynic’s empty boast
that they have seen this not work before
and that it will be darker than burned toast
Not for the cynic will novelty
crash under the heavy bigoted weight
of projected self-doubt casting
its treacherous net of hope deflating bait
Not for the cynic will new beginnings
cut short their flaming path
blazing through un-groomed bushes
in defiance of the nay-sayers wrath
Leave be the dreamers to dream
the hopefuls to hope
the visionaries to envision
in their own springful bouts
so it injects a bit of idealism
into your barrel of doubts
For your flag of pessimism is at half mast
possibilities cremating your body of “cant’s”
flushing down remnant ashes
to the narrow past
for nothing is more alive than dreamers
unleashing their child-given right to dream
a thousand and twenty-two dreams.
~  Billene Seyoum Woldeyes (Oct/2012)
© 2012 All Rights Reserved
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Love & Light
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