Urban Unconscious

She saw him last night
Taunting his other in road rage
Swerved his anger to the right
Blocking the passage to a new page
As ” other” jumped out his unconscious skin
And leaped to release his anger from its cage
Hopeful in the display of a punch win
To counter the defeat of a verbal tirade
He saw her two days ago
Bowing down to her ego
Her religion forbade false idolatry
Yet she wrapped her head in a scarf of hypocrisy
Prostrating five times towards triviality
Chanting verses doused in duplicity
ululating for her wounded gravity
Child of a mortal tomorrow
Grew up singing an urban sorrow
Empty in empathy
Poor at heart
Molded on scarcity
No one to lend or borrow
A word, wisdom, a truth
A hope for internal serenity
Are you also playing blind?
Leave the room
When you’re not feelin it
Take a hike
to change the scenery
Move a city
to one you like
Trade a country
to express your true identity
Where do you go though
when a planet is stuck on barbarity?
Playing the “three monkeys”
Ain’t a cure for a world in calamity!
She saw him raise the white flag
Waging his peace
Released the shadow
Letting the unconscious cease
Occupying his fertile meadow
He watched her unpack her benevolence
And displace her ego
As she let go to let come
Her awakened presence
Devoid of mildewed histrionics
Cleansed and released herself
In black onyx
Child of divinity
writing sentient hymns
perched on a minaret
Full on wings
There is a new
To an old
In an urban unconscious
Yearning an awakening
To spring
Love & Light

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