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AfricanFeminism (AF) would like to share details of the #BeMyYellowValentine upcoming event created and sustained by the Yellow Movement team at Addis Ababa University (AAU). Share the love and support struggling  female students at AAU cover their  basic needs. Both international and Addis Ababa based interested individuals/companies  can put in their valentine’s flower order or donate to the cause. Below is a message from the Yellow Movement team.
ym-2017-posterIt’s Valentine’s Day again and with Valentine’s Day comes the Yellow Movement Valentine’s day fundraiser.
This is to let you know how you can be involved and support the Yellow Movement and see if you can make your Valentine’s Day even more special.
What is it?
The Yellow Movement Fundraiser is held every year to help students who need financial assistance while attending University, most of whom are female and have no other means of financial support to even take care of small personal items like sanitary pads, soaps, and essential school supplies. The Yellow Movement Scholarship Fund therefore, provides these students with some assistance and has been doing so for the past five years.
Your donations will make these students’ campus life a little easier, so find out how you can contribute.
On Valentine’s Day, of course!
You can make donations and order flowers starting today. We have prepared a registration form to keep track of our orders for those of you donating over 1,500 Birr.
(If, for some reason, the link is not working you can inbox us on our Face Book Page: The Yellow Movement AAU.)
In order to help stay organized and ensure you get your delivery or order on time, we would really appreciate if you can make all orders by  February 12, 2017.
You can also donate smaller amounts of money or buy one rose or a bunch. We will be happy to receive your kind donations regardless. The 1,500 & 2,000 Ethiopian Birr arrangement is often for businesses and individuals in the position to make such an investment right now. Give what you can with love and spread the word. If you would like to make smaller donations to our cause you can visit our mobile Love shops around the city on Valentine’s Day as we announce our locations via our official social media page which we hope you are already following by now.
How does this work?
 A bouquet for 2,000 birr will support one student for A WHOLE YEAR and the one for a 1,000 birr will last for one semester.
We challenge you, with a big, big smile on our faces, to get your friends and family to pledge to donate or get someone to donate at least one semester worth of financial support.
(TIP: You can do it in groups – raise the money among yourselves to sponsor a student for a year and send it to us, etc)
Who manages the funds once raised?
The Gender Office of Addis Ababa University. For the purpose of intact accountability, once the funds are raised, the money will be transferred to the Gender Office of the Addis Ababa University and a final receipt will be made accessible via the university website and the Yellow Movement AAU official Facebook page.
What is the Plan this Year?
To do that we need 100 orders of 2000 ETB bouquets. Yep!
Last year, with your support, we were able to raise 168,000 Ethiopian Birr that was able to support 84 students! And for this year, with your help as always, we are positive that we can do even more!
Let’s love and valentine for a great cause  
The YM Team

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