Nightmares that Eat You Alive

A dedication to Hanna Lalango and many other victims and survivors of gender based violence. (Audio recording included). When darkness swallows light And the predators come out in day or night And a girl and a woman’s plight Begin to dim along with everyone’s sight   When a perpetrator casts his demonic gaze When families…


Africa hails its first female Bishop!

In what i consider another historic milestone for African women, The Anglican Church of Southern Africa consecrated in late November 2012, Ellinah Ntombi Wamukoya, making her the first female Bishop in Africa. Although the Southern Africa Anglican Church has been a pioneer in ordaining women into the priesthood, the consecration into the Bishop-hood of Bishop Wamukoya is…

Modern-day Slavery of Ethiopian Women

She mostly comes from a poor community. She is female which introduces a whole new dimension to her experiences in a foreign land. She’s mostly Christian, newly converted to Islam to meet the demands of her work. She’s black African. Add to that she hardly speaks a word of Arabic.