A Formidable Woman

What words come to mind when you think of taxes and tax collectors?
I highly doubt passionate and formidable will make it to your vocabulary. But in the midst of an environment that is not conducive to hassle free tax collection, stands a highly formidable and passionate woman who i have come to know of and respect.
I never imagined that i would be so intrigued and fascinated by tax regulations and systems had it not been for the clarity, conviction and passion with which this woman shared her thoughts with us at a recent AWiB (Association of Women in Business) meeting early in June. Approachable, warm, accessible, brilliant and sharp is what she is. She is  among the young women that are moving and shaking Ethiopia, all with a smile on their face and brilliance in their brains.
Therefore, through a profile developed by a friend, i introduce you to and celebrate a highly articulate Belaynesh Teklay, Deputy Director General, Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority  (ERCA).
Follow the link to the AWiB website to find out about this woman:  http://awib.org.et/index.php/membership/womens-in-spotlight/169-belaynesh-teklay-a-civil-servant-at-her-best.
Love & Light

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  1. Wow, I am glad to know that there is somone working for the betterment of the exhausting and frustrating tax system in Ethiopia. It even fills my heart with pride that this is a Woman.Well keep up the good work Belaynesh! Way to Go
    A Woman is A Wonder

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