Making Peace with Change

So it’s been ten months since i began blogging on gender issues and it has been a really great learning experience and an enjoyable ride. I’ve mostly garnered positive responses with the initiative and the issues I’ve covered thus far. Also some not so nice feedback on what some thought about feminism, but those responses have not been so disheartening.
Although the norm would perhaps be to go for a makeover on the blog’s one year anniversary, it excited me much more at this moment to broaden the focus and begin travelling continent wide. This by no means is an indication that topics of discussion on gender have been exhausted in Ethiopia. Rather this is an opportunity for myself and those who are interested in taking this journey with me to broaden our horizons and lens a bit wider and evaluate, explore, learn, discuss, deconstruct and reconstruct the milieu of African gender issues. Given my physical presence in Ethiopia, i will nevertheless be inclined to write more on issues that are immediately visible to me. Yet the idea is also to navigate the trajectory of feminism and gender issues in Africa from various points of departure and perspective.
I hope my loyal readers will stay aboard as together we begin to pick up more discussants.
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