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You go to learn. You go to share. You go to network. And there’s plenty of laughter and smiles too.
What is AWIB?
Every first Thursday of the month, a learning experience unlike any other i have experienced in Addis occurs at Panaroma Hotel. Formerly known as EWIB, now AWIB (Association of Women in Business) is a platform for networking with women who are in business or women who mean business in every facet of their life. To quote from the founder’s description:

EWIB/AWIB is a stage where women could come together to support each other and pull each other to where their dream takes them.

  What Happens?

Every other monthly meeting is complemented with a speaker’s forum where a guest speaker is invited to address the group on a variety of subjects like Dreams, Love and Courage by Eleni G/Medhin (read here); a personal story of success in the banking industry by Brutawit Dawit Abdi (read here) and barriers to business entry for women by Ken Ohashi, country director of World Bank, and many more.
The next session on October 6 features a group of men and women comprising the management directorate from the  Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority and the Ministry of Industry, who will be sharing with their audience information on local tax laws, licensing, the newly passed pension plan and other information which will clarify questions relevant to already established business owners, potential business owners and any one else who does not fit either category but is interested in becoming informed on issues of taxation and related regulations.  

Date: October 6th, 2011
Venue: Panorama Hotel
Time: 6:00 PM
Entrance: 60 Birr non-members and 30 Birr members

AWIB recently organized formally from its previous informal network identity to an association with a formal personality.  Membership fee is 100 Birr a month. If you register before November 4th, a 100 birr application fee a will be waived for you and you can also earn 300 birr worth of coupons that would go towards the entrance fee of every program. Entrance fee is 60 Birr for non-members and 30 Birr for members.
It is not an exaggeration on my part when i state that i miss every first Thursday of the month because AWIB truly creates an atmosphere of sharing and learning!
Thanks to Nahu and Roman whose passion for networking is evident in the quality of the platform they have created.
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Love & Light

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