Zambia: Thou shall not Shame…the Church but How about #ChurchMeToo?

Zambian artist Ludo Freshe took to twitter and opened up about a sexual assault encounter that involved a man of God. She has previously, as a firm advocate for women’s rights and well-being, spoken about this assault but has now put a name to her story.



All space is shared. We have to care for others as well as ourselves. But as women, we do more of the former than the latter. However, some cultures and traditions are the exceptions to this rule. Some holidays come around and give young women the chance to shine and breath. Ashenda (also referred to…

On being ‘nice’

I was thinking about how I would start putting this down. Then I had a conversation with a friend. She had an encounter that was bothering her. As she told me what had happened, I asked when it occurred. She replied, a few hours ago – and she asked, ‘is it because  I was nice?’.…