To Womyn!

I didn’t know what to write about so I came here to bigups womyn; a thing that’s not done often or profusely enough if you ask me. Today, I am here to celebrate womyn and sisterhood and friendship and the kind of deliberate love and care that keeps me alive.
From the moment that I began to see myself as a person, as a womyn worthy of love and humanity/ dignity, womyn have lifted me up and and even more womyn have risen up to meet me.
There has been no pain I have felt, love I have lost, joy I have experienced or achievement I have made that has not been witnessed and salved or supported and celebrated by womyn.
Womyn’s words have given me the language to articulate my ideas and experiences;   there are too many womyn whose words have inspired me to name here, but I’d like to especially bigups the womyn of, whose drive and commitment challenges me everyday.
Womyn’s laughter has taught me how to joke. Aside from the fact that I enjoy when the sexes laugh at my jokes fwaa, in a sexist world in which “humor” is often misogynistic, the fact that womyn’s laughter is my favourite sound has pushed me to make better jokes that don’t employ bigotry or the dehumanising of any group as a punchline.
Womyn have loved me and taught me how to love. Romance with womyn, whether platonic or erotic, has been the context within which I have learnt how to receive and give care and affection.
Womyn’s friendship has given me life!
And speaking more broadly, womyn’s willingness to fight for themselves and each other has made me the person I am today. If womyn had not fought for the rights to control our own bodies, the rights to own property and participate in public life, among others, I would not have access to the many opportunities that I now do and might not be able to express myself in the manner that I do now.  I  know that my recognition of myself and other womyn as people whose freedom is worth labouring for everyday was accelerated by the work of womyn who came before me and others with whom I now labour in the feminist movement. The work that I do is informed by my love for womyn and for myself.
Thank you sisters for the love, the joy and the resilience that many of you exhibit in the face of so many obstacles put in our paths, and thank you for continuing to do the work of loving yourselves and working to improve our lives and those of womyn allover the world. Hasta la victoria siempre!

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