AfricanFeminism (AF) selected for East Africa Media Lab Collaboration


AF is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected for the East Africa Media Lab Collaboration project initiated by icebauhaus & iceaddis.  The initiative is aimed at introducing new formats of collaboration between African media centers and local
media professionals and to promote constructive and peaceful media work and discourse through the initiation of new working relationships across borders in the form of an in-residence program.

The program entails a short term in-residency, allowing young professionals and innovators of the East-African media sector to network and collaborate with colleagues from media centers in neighboring countries. As a result, one of our AF coordinators will be travelling to Tanzania for a six-week residency with a collaborating organization, working on creative content for AF.
Earuyan Solutions, the custodian of AF, will also be  receiving, later this month, a brilliant media innovator from South Sudan who will be doing her residency in collaboration with AF in Addis Ababa.
We’re excited about further strengthening our cross-border collaborations as AF is on a mission to feature feminists from all 54 African countries.
Keep tuned for output of the EAMLab.

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