Here comes the Feminist!

Feminism should petrify you if you are invested in patriarchy.


Mansplaining: A Reluctant Introduction

While sometimes very amusing, this can be an annoyance that easily transcends to distraction and sometimes even the occasional punch in the proverbial gut from those special bullies.

Education, Who needs it?!

I want to share a story of a young woman that I met years ago. I have not had the courage to tell her story yet, so please bear with me as I squeeze out the details. Know that she has haunted me in my dreams and in my waking hours since I have met…


Men Tell Me How to Drive

We now have the “First Smart Parking Lot” in Addis Ababa, which made me think of a favorite pet peeve of mine,where men tell me how to drive. Ever since I first got my driving license and maybe before that, there has been a man telling me how to drive. I am talking about those…


Living Injustice is Obscene

I recently showed a video to some people I worked for. It was to commemorate International Women’s day. Since we were celebrating the occasion with the theme #BeBoldForChange, I thought nothing could provoke a more lively discussion for the mixed gender audience like the movie by Eleonore Pourriate, “Oppressed Majority”. After, an older man came…


Eternal Happiness or Woe, I CHOOSE.

I find that pregnancy, delivery and recovery are nothing short of bewildering and overwhelming no matter how well prepared you think you are or the opportunities that are available to you. It can be such a rude awakening, showing a woman how little control she has over her body. So much so that it makes…


My Feminist Truth

For me to talk about what feminism means to me, I would have to talk about my life story. Don’t worry, it will not be a step by step, real time recount of my entire life but the moments in my life that ultimately shaped my identity as a feminist. Now you have to know…