Introducing New AF Writers

AF is thrilled to welcome on board two new feminist writers from Uganda, Godiva and Tricia, whose short bio’s are shared below. We look forward to sharing their thoughts and  experiences among our growing community of AF writers.


238Godiva Akullo is a feminist lawyer and activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Makerere University, a Masters in Law from Harvard Law School and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre. She is a lecturer on law and a legal consultant. Her feminist ideals are infused in the thoughts that she shares on social media about the position of womyn in society, politics/ democracy and other social issues. She is also quite invested in finding the perfect meme for every emotion she has.


triciaTricia is a 23 year old unapologetic radical feminist from Uganda with a penchant for high heels and a closeted love of hip-hop music. She is a lawyer, writer, ardent reader and a lover of life. She hopes to use her writing as an expression of anger and outrage at civil and social injustices she observes throughout her life especially against black womyn. She has big dreams and is actively interested in leaving this world a much better place than she found it. Some of her other interests include snap-chatting, wine-drinking, calling out misogyny and occasional daydreaming. She can also be described as a blend between Olivia Pope, Meredith Grey and Mary-Jane.
If you are interested in becoming a permanent or guest writer at AF, please check out our submissions page here.  AF is on a mission to feature at least one feminist voice from each of the 54 African countries.

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