Violence & Silence – A TedTalk by Jackson Katz (PhD)

Some really interesting food for thought. Watch the video in its entirety. And  here below  snippets  of  his  thoughts:

…the issues of gender violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship abuse, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children, that whole range of issues that are referred to as gender violence issues,  they’ve  been seen as women’s issues that some good men help out with but I have a problem with that frame and I don’t accept it. I don’t see these as women’s issues that some good men help out with. In fact I’m going to argue that these are men’s issues, first and foremost…

Calling gender violence women’s issues is part of the problem for a number of reasons. The first is it gives men a reason not to pay attention.

what are the roles of various institutions in helping to produce abusive men? What is the role of religious belief systems, the sports culture, the pornography culture, the family structure, economics and how that intersects, and race and ethnicity and how that intersects, how does all this work? Once we start making those connections and asking those important and big questions, then we can talk about how can we be transformative…how can we change the practices? How can we change the socialization of boys and the definition of manhood that lead to these current outcomes?

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