African Feminist Initiatives: Featuring The Yellow Movement


The Yellow movement Addis Ababa University is an initiative started by Addis Ababa University School of Law students and their lecturer. It was established in 2011 with the aim of creating continuous discussions on issues of Gender Based Violence and empowerment of women through a feminist conscious voice and methodology. Although, the movement has physical presence in Addis Ababa and Mekelle Universities, its programmes and advocacy (content reach) addresses many higher educational institutions across Ethiopia.

From planning to execution of campaigns, the movement consults feminist research and methodologies that eventually influences its language, content and delivery of engagement. Furthermore, members of the movement undergo a mentorship and book-club experience that specifically speaks to the African feminist experience. The movement initially empowers its members in creating a feminist content exposure and tailoring the programming in feminist-oriented techniques. Once feminism (and its diverse forms) is properly instilled in its foundation, it then moves into imparting the same ideology through its diverse programme engagement.

How does the organization define African Feminisms?  

The movement is conscious of the diversity imbedded in both Africa and Feminisms. Hence, its definition of African feminism(s) is cognizant of diversity and intersectional identities. The African feminism that it believes in is nurtured in the context of the country (Ethiopia) and Africa in its broader sense. At the Yellow Movement we say ‘Feminist because we are African’ – tracing the roots of our feminist practice in the challenges we face and one that is informed by our interaction as humans of the African soil.

As Professor Amina Mama said ‘It seems obvious that African women have aspirations that go far beyond securing their survival. They too have political, economic, social, intellectual, professional and indeed personal desires for change.’ Hence, we believe that we are responsible for tailoring our practice of feminism (s) that is informed/ ideologically supported by philosophies stemming from Southern and Western spaces, situated within our socio-cultural identity.

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