A 2014 Wish List

Happy 2014 to all!
The past year has been quite a year of learning for me. My engagement with a local women’s association for the past two-years and leading it through 2013 has been quite insightful in understanding more about female leadership – the opportunities and the obstacles that exist for women in Ethiopia. The trials and victories of many a woman i have had the opportunity to engage with give out the scent of resilience. Resilience in the various roles she plays – as a mother, a wife, a daughter, an employee or employer, a community agent. Each role riddled with its own bitter-sweet encounter with culture and expression of gender asymmetry.  
It’s not the norm for me to develop wish lists for anything yet on this front i have the need to express a few i hope will materialize in some form or other over the next year. My wish is:

  1. more Ethiopian women and men will claim the label ‘feminist’ where their ideals are informed by feminism but they fear assuming the label.
  2. more Ethiopian women based in Ethiopia will increase their blogosphere presence and share their reflections.
  3. more women begin writing and documenting stories of women’s experiences – HERstories.
  4. more Ethiopian women and men adopt a feminist curiosity and ask the question ‘why’ on a number of gender status quo issues.
  5. less of gender mainstreaming as a tool-kit approach by organizations taking on these issues as a way of donor funding and more of addressing root causes of gender asymmetry.
  6. more discussions about sex and sexuality.
  7. media agents are gender aware in how their position of power affects a gender issue.
  8. a younger generation of women in Ethiopia create and sustain a women’s movement that is spearheaded by a feminist curiosity…where are the next generation of Meaza Ashenafi’s?

Let 2014 be a year of more ‘Why’s’ rather than ‘Okay’s’ where the rights of women and girls are concerned and in rectifying gender inequalities.
Love & Light

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